Plain Dealer Endorses Mitt Romney

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer announced Saturday its endorsement for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“The GOP needs a nominee who can appeal to swing voters and disaffected Democrats, because neither party can rely on its hard-core enthusiasts to carry this key swing state.Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, is the only remaining Republican contender capable of that,” the newspaper stated.

The endorsement comes after Romney’s campaign stop in Cleveland Friday, ahead of Super Tuesday when 10 states, including Ohio, will hold their primaries.

Praising Romney’s private-sector success, the Plain Dealer said the 64-year-old knows how “businesses and investors make decisions.”

In fact, Romney pledged to help Ohioans in a sit-down interview with Fox 8 News: “This is the center of manufacturing, and I’ve been in the private sector. I’m going to do my best to get jobs in Ohio and rising incomes again.”

It was Romney’s focus on economic issues that helped in the Plain Dealer’s backing of him. The same can’t be said for Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, whose concentration on social issues prompted the PD to call him “out of step with moderate swing voters.”

Although the newspaper highlighted some of Romney’s inconsistencies with his positions on issues such as gay rights and abortion, he ultimately won its support.

According to the Plain Dealer, “It is Romney’s real-world experiences — in business, as a governor and as the executive who rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics — that set him apart from the GOP field. They are what make him, by far, the best choice for Ohio Republicans.”

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