Basketball Playoff Game Helps Chardon Heal

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EUCLID, Ohio -- The process of healing involved a whole lot of cheering for Chardon High School.

Almost a week after a tragic shooting on their campus, the Chardon boys basketball team took the court in a Division I playoff game.

Saturday night at Euclid High School, two teams stood together as one.

"I think being here with everyone and all of our fans they really help and support us and it's really nice knowing that not just Chardon is in it with us, everybody else is to," said Chardon sophomore Kaylee O'Donnell.

It was hard to find a seat anywhere in the Chardon student section.

There was plenty of red, and very few empty seats.

"It's been very emotional but I feel like our school has come together as a whole and we're all getting through it together so it's been a lot easier," senior Alysha Fodor said.

Every time the Hilltoppers made a basket, the student sections' cheers got louder and louder.

"I'm really excited because we can get our mind off everything that has happened and to get things back to as normal as they can be," said Senior Bekah Pastor.

As for the opponent Brush High School, it was hard not to cheer for Chardon.

"It's bittersweet.  We wish the best luck for them but also us, too," said Brush cheerleader Taylor Patterson.

"It's was a lose-lose because everyone wanted to see them move on because of the situation," said Brush basketball player Curtis Oakley, Jr.

Support has poured in from all over the country.

Before the game, Brush High School showed their support by presenting Chardon High School Athletic Director Doug Snyder with a donation.

"The only good thing we can take out of this week has been the tremendous amount of support we've received from throughout our community and from everyone affiliated with this tournament," said Snyder.

Win or lose, Saturday night belonged to Chardon.

"Sports is the playground of life and for a couple of hours tonight, they are able to be kids again," Snyder said.

The game ended with Brush beating Chardon 74-58, but the score was far from anyone's mind.

"It was definitely more than just the last two games," said Chardon head coach Nick Gustin.  "It's a big step forward."

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