Musician Arrested, Allegedly Performed Illegal Cosmetic Procedures

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By Sarah Hoye, CNN

A singer known as Black Madam — suspected of carrying out a fatal injection last year — has been arrested and accused of performing illegal cosmetic procedures.

Police arrested Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, Wednesday night before she was about to host a “pumping party,” in which people pay for illegal silicone injections, police said. She has been charged with aggravated assault and deceptive business practices for the illegal injection of silicone into the buttocks of a 23-year-old woman in February, police said. She is being held on $10 million bail, according to the Philadelphia district attorney’s office.

After police took Windslowe into custody, she told local media, including CNN affiliate KYW: “My lawyers will speak to you guys.” CNN’s attempts to find her attorney were unsuccessful. Windslowe is scheduled to appear in court on March 13.

The woman Windslowe is accused of injecting ended up in intensive care with “possible silicone in her lung” after paying $1,000 for the procedure, police said. She received the injection in the same house where Windslowe was arrested before another alleged “pumping party,” according to police.

Police said Windslowe was sitting at the dining room table at the time of her arrest with unknown substances, syringes, cotton balls and instant glue.

“The good thing about this evening, we were able to confiscate the items she was going to use for the injection tonight,” Lt. John Walker told told KYW.

Windslowe first came to the attention of law enforcement last year after the death of Claudia Aderotimi, 20, a British woman who paid $1,800 for buttocks enhancements in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport, according to police. Police say they believe Windslowe was responsible for injecting Aderotimi with a substance that was supposed to be silicone.

Windslowe has not been charged in connection with the death, which is still under investigation. The cause of death remains uncertain. Now that she’s in custody, police intend to question Windslowe about the incident.

Underground cosmetic procedures have become a growing concern for health regulators. Investigators have had a difficult time tracking these procedures because they are performed by unlicensed providers.

“It’s hard to tell how many people are utilizing that [type] of service,” said Dr. Tina Tan, a New Jersey state epidemiologist.

Tan has heard reports of caulk and other products being used in the injections, as well as injection substances being purchased outside of medical supply stores, she said.

Not surprisingly, injecting these materials can result in serious health complications and death, she warned.

“In our cluster, these patients had to be hospitalized,” she said, adding that such injections should be done by licensed health providers. “We do not recommend going in a hotel room with people who you don’t know their credentials.”