Parents Shocked Over Elementary Overdose

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Eight first graders were taken to the hospital after overdosing on prescription medication in school.

Around 2:00 Friday afternoon, ambulances were called to Charles Eliot Elementary School on Cleveland's southeast side.

"I heard a teacher say that a little boy brought pills to school and was passing them out," said 12-year old student, Mariah Sledge.

School officials and Cleveland police say a first grader brought antidepressants from home, and passed them out to his classmates.

"I mean, my heart was dropping with everything that's just been going on with Chardon and some other schools. I was so scared, so when my daughter finally came to the car, and when I asked her, she told me about what happened," said parent Lauren Sledge.

Six students were taken by ambulance to MetroHealth Medical Center. Administrators say two more students went to the hospital from home, after admitting to their parents that they had taken the pills, too.

"I think the little boy might have thought it was candy, or didn't know, because he must've been in a lower grade. So, the kids that got them must've thought it was candy, too, and took them," said Mariah Sledge.

School district spokeswoman Roseann Canfora told Fox 8, "Student safety and school safety is a high priority for us. Any action that led to compromising student safety will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately."

Parent Lauren Sledge says she has talked to her older children about drugs, but never dreamed it was an issue for first graders.

"I say, 'Don't talk to strangers, if somebody is bothering you, tell a teacher,' but I have never addressed the issue of if somebody hands you medication, and it could possibly look like candy, and you take it, and he's only five, he's in kindergarten, and it could've been a possibility he will take it. So absolutely, that's another issue that I want to address as a parent," said Lauren Sledge.

All but one of the students were treated and released from Metro. As of Friday night, there was no word on the status of the child kept for further evaluation, but we are told none of the children had life-threatening complications.