Painesville: We’re Here For You, Chardon

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- People in Painesville leaned on each other Wednesday night during a candlelight vigil for the victims and survivors of the Chardon High School shooting.

They message they wanted to send?

A neighbor is here if Chardon needs to lean on them.

"Just to let them know other communities, Painesville, are here for them to back them up," said Anthony Dworing at the Painesville vigil.

Photos of the five students who were shot were displayed in the Painesville town center gazebo as about 200 people gathered around for prayer and remembrance.

"We're here to support the friends, family, Chardon, Auburn Career Center and Lake Academy," said Carol Darr of Painesville.

Danny Parmertor, Russell King and Demetrius Hewlin died after being shot Monday morning when a student gunman opened fire inside the school's cafeteria.

As of Wednesday night, another student, Nickolas Walczak, remained hospitalized from a gunshot wound.

The only female student shot, Joy Rickers, was released from the hospital Tuesday.

Another student was grazed in the ear by a bullet.

"My son is pretty good friends with the boy who was grazed on the ear, I mean it's such a tragedy," said Holly Pierce of Painesville.

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