Hero Teacher a Source of Pride for Grieving Community

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CHARDON, Ohio --  In the midst of the sadness at Chardon High School, a ray of hope is being provided by a gentle giant of a man, who is being credited with saving lives during Monday’s shooting spree.

Investigators said that after shooting suspect T.J. Lane opened fire on a table full of students, Chardon study hall teacher and cafeteria monitor Frank Hall charged at Lane, and chased the 17-year-old from the building, preventing further bloodshed.

Outside Hall’s home in Jefferson, his wife told Fox 8 News, "He's a great man."

She said that her husband's selfless actions are a reflection of his dedication to the students at Chardon High as a teacher and assistant football coach.

The Hall family, like the rest of the Chardon community, is devastated by the loss of young lives in the rampage.

"Our prayers are just with the families of the students who passed,” said Mrs. Hall.

On social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Mr. Hall's courage is a source of pride for grieving Chardon students.

"I thought it was pretty heroic of him, you know, it was really cool of him to chase him out. He had to, it was pretty manly of him,” said senior Jon Mauer. “I wouldn't be able to do it, I would be too scared of getting shot myself."

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