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Students Tweet During Chardon High School Shooting

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A Twitter timeline from students inside Chardon High School before, during and after the shooting Monday morning tells the story in its own way.

One student wrote, "Shots in the school, what the heck! This is messed up."

Minutes after the school was placed on lockdown, another student tweeted, "Saw the cops, that's a relief.  Thank God!"

"Scariest thing I've ever experienced," one high school senior wrote. "...Love you all."

Even as details unraveled about the shooting, Chardon High School was a trending topic, not only in Cleveland, but nationwide.

Social Media Strategist Alexa Marinos, however, said the social media sites can also be detrimental, with anyone being able to post anything they want, even if the information is factually incorrect.

Marinos said, "There needs to be some understanding of who the source is.  Obviously, if it's coming from FOX 8 for example, it's gonna be a little more accredited.  If it's coming from a spammer or Twitter site following a hash tag to try to get, um, perhaps to try to get a spam link out there, just be aware of what the source is and who it's coming from."

In addition to extended live coverage on FOX 8 News of the Chardon High School shooting, FOX 8 is also using its social media sites to get the latest information on the investigation to viewers.

And in return, FOX 8 viewers are also using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to express their  thoughts and emotions surrounding the shooting.

On our FOX 8 Facebook page, Stephanie wrote, "This is so sad.  We need more measures to protect our children from violence while they are trying to receive an education.  My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones."

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