Expert Explains Effects of School Shooting on Students

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Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust, a clinical health psychologist, spoke about the Chardon High School shooting on Fox 8 News.

A gunman opened fire Monday morning killing one student and injuring four others.

Dr. Stevic-Rust said the students who witnessed the shooting may experience sleep disturbances, flashbacks or signs of physical illness in the coming months.

Students who did not directly witness the shooting but who knew victims or were at the school may have different symptoms.

Dr. Stevic-Rust mentioned the importance of empowering children to report bullying or threats, especially those that show up on social media.

She also touched on warnings signs that may indicate a student is troubled and may turn to violence.

Dr. Stevic-Rust advised parents and teachers to look for changes in children.

For example, a student who was once social and active who has become isolated, changed his appearance or begins talking about guns and hate may require some attention.

Watch the video above to learn more from Dr. Stevic-Rust.

Dr. Stevic-Rust has a Doctoral degree in psychology and a Masters degree in community counseling.

She was a staff psychologist at the VA Medical Center in Cleveland from 1990-2004, on staff at Lake Hospital Systems since 1991 and joined University Hospitals Extended Care Campus in 2001.

Dr. Stevic-Rust also started her own private practice in Willoughby in 1991.

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