Emotional Jackson Celebrates Big Contract with Browns

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Monday was a blessing for Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. He may have not even seen this day coming a few years back when he was missing huge chunks of time due to injury.

He sat up on the podium in the Browns Dino Lucarelli media center, with owner Randy Lerner looking on from the back of the room and talked of signing a long term deal that will likely keep him in a Browns uniform for the rest of his career. Jackson is not very far removed from a nightmare of two seasons he missed due to separate pectoral muscle injuries. He barely sniffed the field during those two seasons, quietly rehabbing and hoping for a chance to return to action.

In 2011, Jackson more than returned to the field. He amassed 158 tackles, second most in all of the National Football League.

The contract is for 5 seasons, and worth $42.5 million, with $19 million guaranteed. Jackson most assuredly would have been franchised by the Browns had he not agreed to the long term contract.

For Jackson, “winning is more important”. He said he never worried about personal stats and relished his role as a voice for the younger players.

Jackson feels the Browns have something good going and wanted very much to be a part of the team as it got better and better.

How important was Monday?? To understand, one had to witness the veteran linebacker when he tried to put into words how special it was to him for the team to have so much faith in him and give him a second chance.
Jackson’s eyes welled up and emotions got the better of him. He couldn’t continue. That was perhaps the only time he has been unable to finish a task.

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