Telich’s Take: Would You Move Up to Take RG3?

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Robert Griffin III is one of the rare combinations of speed, and agility at the quarterback position. He can be a game changer. And did I mention he can throw the ball through a tornado and hit his target?

He is pretty special.

He is not expected to go past the number two overall pick in the draft. He is campaigning to be the first pick, but most experts feel the Colts will take Andrew Luck with the top choice.

Griffin’s talents have lots of teams salivating, wondering if it would be worth it to move up the to number two position overall and snatch him.

Last time I looked, the Browns needed a game changer at the quarterback position. Trouble is , they need a whole lot more.

But still, Griffin sits there, beckoning teams like Cleveland. I tried to put myself in Tom Heckert’s shoes. Would I have the guts to bet the house. Hand over several picks and choose the Baylor QB? I feel he will be an excellent player in the NFL.

I know that Colt McCoy struggled. Some of the struggles were due to his lack of development, but other struggles can be due to an offense that was very one dimensional.

So, on the Night of the Draft, yours truly, pseudo Browns GM for a day would…. Not move up. Can’t do it. Maybe its the conservative nature. Maybe I am just chicken. You know one of those timid souls Teddy Roosevelt wrote about. I just think there are too many other needs and I have seen too many QB’s without supporting casts get killed on the shores of Lake Erie.

I asked folks on our Facebook page for responses.
Eric Lambert wrote, “No. I guarantee he will be there at 4. I personally want Justin Blackmon but he will probably go 2 to the Rams.”

Paul M. Simon offered, “Only If he fits the system. Great QB’s must have a line, receivers and most important a running game. Take your pick at any of those positions that the browns need. RG3 is only as good as his team around him and a system that highlights his talent.”

John Ford Jr. says, ” Draft him!!! You can find anyone to do what Colt does. We need a difference maker that can keep the defense honest without the best protection or greatest receivers.”

There will be two more months of daily debates. RG3 in Cleveland sounds very exciting, but as I stated before, I don’t have the guts to do it..

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