Sister of Slain Teen: ‘I Watched Her Die’

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Police are still searching for the gunman who shot and killed a young mother in East Cleveland--the second shooting in a week.

"It started off as a girl fight and it just went bad. Guys just started shooting," said witness Kahla Moorer.

Caught in the gunfire Wednesday afternoon, was a young mother.

Denajua Delaney, 18, of the west side, was shot and killed after a massive fight on Garfield Avenue in East Cleveland.

"I just seen here face down on the ground and my other sister went and turned her head and went and seen the blood gushing," cried Moorer.

Delaney, known as "Bubblez" by family and friends, went to Shaw High School.

She was the mother of a 7-month-old baby boy and was one of 12 children in a very close-knit family.

Her family says this was not her fight.

"They jumped on this individual that was her friend, and it escalated from there. It was over some petty stuff," said Evans Delaney, father.

"I just sat there and watched my sister die in front of me. Nobody know the pain that we going through. Nobody know the pain of having to watch your little sister die," cried Moorer.

The shooting happened in front of Superior Elementary School.

According to the Gary Norton, Mayor of East Cleveland, by coincidence, there was an early dismissal Wednesday.

Mayor Norton says had there not been an early dismissal, the shooting could have happened right when students were let out.

"This didn't just happen at any school. This happened at my children's school," said Norton.

Delaney is the second teenager shot within a 20 hour period recently.

The city of East Cleveland is addressing the violence.

"We've got police who serve as mentors in our police activities league program. In fact, there's a meeting of that group tonight. We're developing peer elders that can talk one another out of these things. Because the worst place to end up is where these young people will end up soon," added Mayor Norton.

Meantime, Denajua's family is left to mourn the tragic loss of a young mother, daughter, and friend.

"It's such a tragedy because she just had my grandson, he's just 7 months, and now he don't got a mom," said Delaney.

There is a candlelight vigil Thursday night on Garfield Avenue where Denajua died.

Police are actively investigating a couple leads.

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