Coyotes Have Strongsville Residents on High Alert

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A recent coyote sighting has some Strongsville pet owners on high alert.

Just a few days ago, a pack of coyotes was spotted running down Cypress Avenue.

“I'm surprised they're here,” said neighbor Tim Allington.

Local animal experts say coyote sightings in the suburbs are nothing new.

“I pick them up on I-71 quite a bit because the Metroparks butt right against there,” said Strongsville Animal Warden Mike Roth. “It's highly populated with coyotes. I have reports quite a bit, especially this time of year, it's their breeding season. You're going to see a lot of them out during the daytime too.”

Although coyotes are not a threat to humans, they can go after small dogs and pets. This past summer, two dogs were attacked on Eldorado Trail and Cartwright Parkway. “People let the dogs out to relieve themselves and they were attacked,” said Roth.

Pet owners like Allington say this recent coyote sighting will force him to keep an extra close eye on his dog. “I let her out at night. I’ll stand on the deck and watch her.”

Experts say if you see a coyote, do not run away. Instead, clap your hands and yell. Always keep your pet on a leash, especially at night.

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