Northeast Ohio Gas Prices Skyrocket

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Gas prices in northeast Ohio are rising dramatically, and many drivers are worried.  The average prices for a gallon of gasoline in the Cleveland area was $3.69 on Thursday, thirty-six cents a gallon more than one week ago.

Truck owner Richard Robinson told Fox 8 News, "They're going sky-high. I don't know if I can afford this truck anymore. I have to turn this truck in."  He said the numbers are simply overwhelming. "Four days I have to put sixty dollars in this truck.  Every four days. It is killing me, I don't know what to do," he said while filling up his truck on Thursday.

President Obama told Americans he is well aware of the problem and is working hard to bring gasoline prices under control. Mr. Obama said his administration wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil, stop subsidies to oil companies and find a way to power more cars with natural gas. But Republican candidates for the White House said the high gas prices prove that the President's energy policies are not working.

Some analysts are predicting that gasoline prices could reach four dollars a gallon by Memorial Day, affecting the summer travel season and weakening a still fragile economy.

*For the latest gas prices in your neighborhood, visit the Gas Tracker.

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