Call For Action: Water Leak Detection

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Are you wasting money on water you don’t even know you’re using? Marko Vovk, a home inspector from Ambassador Construction Consultants, has done more than 8,000 inspections in the Greater Cleveland-area over the last 25 years. He told Fox 8 News that most homes will have a hidden leak somewhere.

While on a tour of a Westlake home, Howard Hanna real estate agent Mike Della Vella and his client wanted to know if there were any problems in the home that might need correcting.

“Under the sink, you have two supply lines, and people will always stuff things underneath,” said Vovk, as he pulled a roll of paper towel from beneath the sink. “When they hit the supply lines, they can drip, and they can go unnoticed.”

Vovk pointed to the pipe under the kitchen sink where a ring of rust was wrapped around the middle of the pipe. Vovk said that was a sure sign of leaking water.

The bathroom is another trouble spot. Vovk said when a toilet is leaking you can sometimes hear it.

“Sometimes, you can actually see the water in the toilet bowl moving,” said Vovk.

Some leaks are slow and silent; Vovk said homeowners can detect those by dropping food coloring in the tank before going to bed.

“You want to look inside your toilet bowl, and if the water leaks out, and the color is in your bowl then you have a leak,” said Vovk.

Another waste of water comes with an option to fix. Vovk said high flow shower heads waste a lot of water.

“You can buy low flow shower heads for not a whole lot of money, and they’re very easy to install,” he said.

The ultimate sign that water is being lost in the home will come from the water meter.  Vovk said anyone with a digital meter should record the numbers before going to bed.  If they’re higher the next morning, water is running through the night.

“If you don’t have digital, you could just take a piece of tape, put it wherever that meter dial’s at, and then you can come back in the morning, and it better be in the same place, if it’s not, you have a leak.”

Della Vella was so impressed by Vovk’s easy inspection he said he planned to do his own at his own home.


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