Cancer Patients Prepare for ‘A Prom to Remember’

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They carefully surveyed more than 700 dresses, looking for that perfect look for the prom.

But the teens weren’t just excited to be able to think about a prom. They were also grateful and relieved.

“It’s every hard going through cancer in general,” said 15-year-old Brianna Walworgh, “and, if you’re a teenager, it’s even harder.”

Enter “A Prom to Remember,” which gives teens battling cancer a chance to enjoy a prom night like no other.

“It’s just something to help them forget,” said Jane Knausz, whose with the organization. “It helps them to be with their peers, to know they’re not alone.”

The prom wasn’t Saturday, it was just a “Dress Extravaganza” to give the girls a chance to pick out a dress for free.

The prom is March 31, but already the excitement is building.

“When they do these things (like the prom), it’s just great,” Brianna says, “because they give kids with cancer something to feel good about.”