FBI Agent Maps Out Trail of Dimora’s Post-Probe Activities

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AKRON, Ohio -- Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Christine Oliver on Monday continued mapping out a detailed trail of Jimmy Dimora's activities once he became aware of a federal corruption investigation.

The testimony detailed work Oliver said was done at Dimora's home between 2002 and 2007 by D-A-S Construction, as well as work completed by Zavarella Brothers Construction, Vandra Brothers Construction, Salva Stone, Plumbers Local 55 and others. The work included granite countertops, in-ground irrigation, concrete and masonry work, construction of an outdoor kitchen and picnic area, construction and plumbing of an outdoor bathroom, a driveway expansion and a retaining wall.

Oliver testified that the costs to D-A-S alone, starting in 2002, were in excess of $69,000, but Dimora was only billed for $40,000 of the work. She also testified that the bill was not sent until May 30, 2008 -- days after the feds first approached Steve Pumper and Dimora first learned about the FBI investigation.

Her testimony used wiretapped phone calls and documents to show that Dimora had become concerned about tens of thousands of dollars of work that was done at his Independence house.

Jurors saw sketches from Zavarella Brothers of a bricked-in outdoor picnic area that Oliver said was built in 2007. Prosecutors produced documents showing that Dimora made about a dozen payments for $6,687 of work starting in May 2008 through January 2010.

Conversations in the wiretapped phone calls involving Dimora, J. Kevin Kelley, Michael Gabor and others appeared to have become intentionally vague. Many of them asking only for the parties to get together at local restaurants or at Dimora's home. At times, Dimora and others are heard chuckling about their responses to federal investigators, expressing concern about people wearing wires.

In one wiretapped telephone conversation, Kelley and plumbers union business manager Rob Rybak laugh about answering questions with, "To the best of my recollection, I don't recall."

In another phone call between Dimora and businessman Michael Forlani, Dimora talks about concerns that someone is wearing wires. Forlani suggests Dimora have that person jump in a swimming pool before laughing about the idea that investigators probably have waterproof equipment.

Much of the testimony Monday morning involved Dimora not only seeking invoices for work done at his house but also information from the county about contracts and low-interest loans that had been awarded to businesses, including Pumper's D-A-S Construction.

Jurors heard a phone call between Dimora and contractor Rick Capone in May 2008 during which Dimora says, "Would you tell Steve to please have his company send over this invoice."

Dimora explains, "I sent a check in, just so there's enough money on account towards the, um, project, um, you know, I paid for, as I was tellin' you, for the bigger addition.

"I just wanna, you know, I don't wanna have nothing hanging out there that could come back to hurt him or me. Ya know what I mean?"