Annette Lawless’ Fascinating Facts

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Fascinating Facts: Annette Lawless

1. My mom and I are doppelgangers separated by a generation. Judge for yourself. Here’s a pic of us at 17. I didn’t even know hers existed until years later.

2. I play trumpet. Learned it when I was 10, became first chair in high school and was in Kansas State’s Cat Band in college. And yes, I went to band camp. Debate and church camp too.

3. I am an avid baker and knitter. Like to donate my skills when I can.

4. I was in a life-threatening accident when I was a toddler and wasn’t expected to live. Jokes on the doctors.

5. I am an actor. Been involved with several big movie projects but love indie films.

6. Geek it out. I build websites as a hobby. Not too bad at it.

7. I have a shelf of fishing trophies. I once caught 75 fish in one week at church camp. Even caught my own bait. My secret: grasshoppers. 

8. My work drawer is always stocked with tons of junk food: gummy bears, licorice, crackers, cookies–you name it. Someone has to feed Lou Maglio.


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