Man Says He ‘Did the Right Thing’ After Seeing Elderly Woman

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WALTON HILLS, Ohio -- Police continue to investigate the death of an elderly resident who suffered from dementia, and the young man who called authorities who insists he did what he could to help.

Norma Reed, 83, was found dead outside in the cold on Saturday morning, not far from her home by police K-9 units.

Matt Wysocki, 22, a Walton Hills resident, says he saw an elderly woman walking down the street shortly after two in the morning on Saturday and called police.

"She's right by the police station, actually," the caller is heard telling the police on an audio tape obtained by FOX 8.

The first officer says he arrived on the scene in less than a minute.

"There were no footprints in the snow," says Sgt. Stanley Jaworski, of the Walton Hills Police Department, "and we spotlighted the area, we got out...and searched again."
Wysocki says he did what he could.

"I've heard all kinds of stuff," he says, "people saying we should have stuck with the lady...I just figured I did the right thing by calling."

Walton police say the call came into their non-emergency number, not a 911 line, so they did not have a number where they could call Wysocki back for more information.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Reed's death continues.