‘House’ to End with Season 8

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By Breeanna Hare, CNN

“House” star Hugh Laurie, along with fellow executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs, announced Wednesday that this season of “House” will be its last.

“The producers have always imagined ‘House’ as an enigmatic creature; he should never be the last one to leave the party,” a statement says. “How much better to disappear before the music stops, while there is still some promise and mystique in the air.”

And so, the three EPs thank “the hundreds of dedicated artists and technicians who have given so generously of their energy and talent to make ‘House’ the show it has been”; Fox and Universal Television; and, last but not least, the audience.

“Some have come and some have gone, obviously. This is to be expected in the life of any show,” the statement says. “But over the course of the last eight years, the producers of ‘House’ have felt immensely honored to be the subject of such close attention by an intelligent, discriminating, humane and thoughtful — not to mention numerous — audience. Even the show’s detractors have been flattering in their way.”

Working on “House” “has felt like a lively and passionate discussion about as many different subjects as could possibly be raised in 177 [episodes]. The devotion and generosity of our viewers has been marvelous to behold.”

Kevin Reilly, the president of Fox entertainment, said in a statement that it’s with “much regret, and a lump in our throats” that the network sends Dr. House on his way.

“We respect the decision Hugh, David and Katie have made,” Reilly says. “A true original, on the page and amazingly brought to life by Hugh Laurie, there is only one Dr. House. For eight seasons, the entire ‘House’ team has given us — and fans around the world — some of the most compelling characters and affecting stories ever seen on television. They have been creatively tenacious and collaborative throughout this incredible run, and they are amongst the most superior talents in the business. For all the above, we wholeheartedly thank them, and the fans who have supported the show.”

“House” director/producer Greg Yaitanes promises in a tweet that the “the team as an amazing series finale in store” for fans.

What do you think – is it time for Dr. House to “leave the party” so to speak? Or were you hoping for one more season?

— CNN’s Jack Hannah contributed to this report.