Woman, 86, Dies After Hit by Garbage Truck

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A quick trip to the drug store turned deadly for an 86-year-old woman in Mayfield Heights Thursday, when she was hit by a garbage truck while crossing the street, police said.

"At the time, she was with her daughter. They were running an errand at the bank across the street at the west side of the intersection, and the mother had to go to a drug store,” Mayfield Heights Police Sgt. Robert Bandelow said.

The woman walked across Som Center Road at Monterey Drive, went to the drug store and was on her way back to meet her daughter at the bank, when the trash truck made a left as the elderly woman was crossing the street, running her over, police said.

The unidentified woman was taken to Hillcrest Hospital, where she died.

Bandelow said the garbage truck belonged to a private company, but he declined to release the name.

The unidentified driver of the garbage truck said he didn't see the woman as he turned left, until it was too late.

Bandelow said it is possible the incident is just a terrible accident.

"It looks at this early stage that both parties had the green light," Bandelow said. "If there is no fault found, no charges will be filed. We are trying to round out the investigation, trying to get everybody we can that might have happened to have seen it," he said, adding they need more witnesses to come forward.

Police urge anyone who saw the woman get hit to call the Mayfield Heights Police Department at (440) 442-2323, and ask for the Traffic Bureau.