Governor Pardons Gingrich Cancellation

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Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval said he was not insulted when Newt Gingrich canceled a previously scheduled meeting with the first term governor.

Sandoval said the two were scheduled to meet, upon Gingrich’s request, but that he was later told the former House speaker “had to cancel.”

“It wasn’t a problem at all,” Sandoval said Friday in an interview set to air on CNN’s “John King, USA.” “I am just pleased that he as well as all the other candidates are here in the state campaigning in the state very aggressively.”

The Silver State governor said he spoke with Rick Santorum on the phone and has extended a similar invitation to Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Sandoval endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president earlier this year, before he dropped out of the GOP race in January; but he is now seemingly staying out of 2012 presidential politics.

Despite Romney mentioning his name as someone he would consider for a cabinet position, Sandoval said he intends to continue serving as governor of Nevada.

“I was really humbled,” Sandoval said of the Romney mention. “But I really love my job.”

By CNN Political Unit

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