Special Needs Teacher Suspended Over ‘Hot Sauce Crayons’

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(By Kenneth Craig)

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — A special needs teacher in Florida could lose her job for allegedly using hot sauce to keep students in line.

It’s something parents and school officials are still trying to make sense of.

Why a special needs teacher would use hot sauce on children with autism at Sunrise Elementary.

When one woman found out, she was outraged because two of the children are her five-year-old nephews.

“I was just shocked, and confused,” she said.

Lillian Gomez allegedly poured the hot sauce on the children’s crayons.

The students apparently kept putting them in their mouths.

Gomez evidently wanted that to end.

“They gotta be traumatized, especially for a kid who can’t express himself,” said Karina Holguin, the children’s aunt.

The family said after the teacher doused the crayons in hot sauce the boys refused to touch them for weeks.

When district officials found out, Gomez was removed from the classroom and suspended.

The superintendent is now requesting she be fired and a termination hearing is set for later this month.