Pregnant Woman Accused of Running Meth Lab

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AKRON, OHIO -- A woman who is nine-months pregnant was arrested and accused of running a meth lab out of her home with her boyfriend.

Police said Jacqueline Hahn, 24, who is nine-months pregnant, was arrested along with her boyfriend, Jeffrey Jones, 41, after police said they found a meth lab and marijuana growing at their Kenmore-area home.

Police said they found a meth lab, the chemicals used to make meth, drug paraphernalia and the finished product.

"They were very nice neighbors," Wanda Davison said.

"Didn't smell anything," neighbor Jim Shirley said.

Police said Jones' 16-year-old son was living with the couple.

A relative of Jones, who did not want to be identified, said the teen is safe and living with a family member.

Neighbors said Hahn was not seen outside much, but there were a lot of visitors to the Carey Avenue home.

"Just cars coming and going and and people coming in and out," Davison said.

Thursday at the home, 'keep out' signs were posted clearly on the doors and children's toys could be seen on the front porch.

Jones' relative said Hahn is due to give birth in just more than two weeks.

Both Jones and Hahn were arrested on four felony charges related to making and using meth.

Jones faces an additional charge of child endangerment because his son was living in the home with them, according to the police report.