Lawmakers Propose Ban on Smoking in Cars

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There’s no butts about it.

Ohio lawmakers are proposing a ban on smoking in cars when a child under 6 is on board.

“I think any adult that smokes with kids in their car is a very selfish person,” said John Coleman, manager of Cousin’s Cigar in Cleveland. “I can’t imagine doing it. I would never do it myself.”

Bill organizers said lighting up in a small space puts youngsters at greater risk for second-hand smoke.

“I’m a smoker, and I don’t smoke around my kids,” said LaShawnia Peyton of Cleveland. “Smoking in a car would make it even worse. Second-hand smoke is a killer”

Now, those who oppose the bill say it may be difficult to enforce because officers may have a hard time seeing a child in a moving vehicle.

“It’s like someone’s house,” said Gerard Chandler of Cleveland. “That’s their personal property and you really can’t govern what goes on on someone’s personal property. I wouldn’t understand why would they make that a law. It’s a little intrusive.”

Though the bill may have good intentions, Coleman said over the years, laws like this do little good.

“There’s less smoking today than there’s ever been, and why is there a sudden need for a law to regulate it,” he said. “I don’t think passing this law is going to do anything for anybody. It’s just another useless bit of legislation that’s out for the easy win, to put on someone’s resume.”