Dimora Trial Abruptly Adjourned

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AKRON, Ohio -- The trial of former Cuyahoa County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora was abruptly adjourned on Tuesday afternoon by Federal Judge Sara Lioi.

Fox 8 News Dave Nethers reports that Judge Lioi gave no explanation on the proceeding being adjourned for the day, other than to say that the trial will resume at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday morning. Nethers reports that Judge Lioi made the announcement after she took a break and went into her chambers.

Sources tell Nethers that the reason for the adjournment was a key witness falling ill. According to Nethers' sources, J. Kevin Kelley was taken by ambulance to a local hospital after he started to not feel well during the court proceedings.

On Monday during testimony Kelley told the jury that in addition to losing his homes and his consulting business due to his criminal activity, he now suffers from various medical conditions as a result of this case. Those conditions include insomnia and depression. Kelley told the jury that he has always suffered bi-polar disorder and that he now takes 21 pills every day.

Nethers sought comment on the adjournment from both prosecutors and Dimora's defense team, both offered no comment.

Prior to the adjournment, Kelley continued to deliver testimony that painted the former Cuyahoga County commissioner as a man always on the take.

Kelley continued testimony about the Las Vegas trip, and jurors heard a wiretapped telephone conversation between Kelley and Dimora's co-defendant, Michael Gabor, in which Kelley is trying to talk Gabor into going with them on the trip.

In another wiretapped telephone conversation Kelley and Dimora are talking about the trip and Dimora is worried that former Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo might back out of the trip, due to the fact that he had just been to Mexico and might not have the money for Las Vegas.

In the recorded conversation Kelley talks about Russo's payroll at the auditor's office getting larger after the trip, suggesting that going to Las Vegas would require Russo to owe someone a job.

"It was a known fact that Frank Russo would accept money for jobs, bribes.," said Kelley. "He will just add some people to his payroll."

Kelley testified that it was understood that Ferris Kleem, Blaze Construction Co. owner, would pick up most of the bills from the trip to Las Vegas.

Kleem had previously pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit bribery back in 2010.

On a recorded call to Russo about the trio Kelley is heard saying: "He's [Dimora] already got, he's already got Ferris convinced that he's got him 10 jobs lined up."

"Like construction jobs is what I was trying to say," testified Kelley.

Kelley added that Dimora was also concerned about how much money Russo was spending on his home.

He told the jury that Russo had spent more than $200,000 on his pool and pool-house and that he had the interior renovated.

"Commissioner Dimora said, "That he's going to get us all in a jackpot," Kelley testified.

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