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Today’s New Day Cleveland saved you money, calories, and from back problems! Here’s the information from all of today’s segments!

Coffee 101

  • Single Origin coffees come from one growing region, country or estate
  • Blends are made of coffees from different growing regions, or coffees of different roast
  • Medium Roast Coffees
    • They are excellent for studying the flavor characteristics of an individual coffee
    • Costa Rican Tarrazu: Comes from the Tarrazu state inCosta Rica. It’s know as being ideal for growing coffee. It has a citrus, floral characteristic.
    • Mocha Java: A blend of African and Indonesian coffees.
  • Dark Roast Coffees
    • They have been roasted for a longer time at a higher temperature. They have an oily appearance and are fuller bodied.
    • French Roast: A dark roast South American coffee bean. Excellent with chocolate or rich desserts.
  • Dark Roast Coffees
    • They have been roasted for a longer time at a higher temperature. They have an oily appearance and are fuller bodied.
    • French Roast: A dark roast South American coffee bean. Excellent with chocolate or rich desserts.

Dr. Bob

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Top 10 things you can do NOW to sell in spring!

1. Start removing all personal items: Remove items that convey “your home” instead of “A home” for sale, such as family photographs or personalized Door Knockers

2.   Remove ALL wallpaper, including borders: today’s buyer does not want to buy “work”

3.   Clean-clean-clean!: EVERYTHING including the beams in the basement, the attic and even the top of your Hot Water Tank

4.   Clean or replace worn carpet: Expose hard wood floors and have them refinished and/or replace “colorful” carpets with neutral tones of Beige

5.   The power of paint : Paint in neutral tones. NOT white! Consider using a neutral Sage green and a beautiful Beige tone through-out. Touch-up all trim paint.

6.   Look at the details: Caulking, Re-caulk the sinks, bathtub & windows

7.   Update Interior Lighting & Hardware: replace or paint if possible. Changing out Kitchen hardware will give a tired Kitchen an instant “space-lift”

8.   De-Clutter: Pack, sell or store ALL unnecessary items.

9.   Update Exterior Lighting and Hardware: this is a crucial step, it is their “physical” first impression. Clean the glass, repair, paint or replace light fixtures. Make sure they are working. Replace pitted door handles

10. Take a picture: Use a digital camera and take pictures of each space and really look at them. Do you see space? Does it look neat, Tidy & cared for? Do you see a neutral palette that will be easy for any style of furniture to move in?

Saving in Akron Blog

1. Coupons (she’ll have examples from a weekend shopping trip – which included spending very little for toothpaste, medicine and soup.

2. Cash back sites – If you shop through them they give you cash back on your purchase. You promise (you can use it to save for college); Saving Star makes a paypal deposit, when you reach five dollars you can cash out.  Some have referral credits for when you refer friends

3. Coupon Code sites – don’t shop online without looking. Likely will be some sort of discounts – everything from ten dollars off, 10% off to free shipping

Links to websites mentioned:

Shop At Home

Red Plum
Coupon Network

Weight Watchers: Appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday

Weight Watchers shares it’s top 3 tips to help you win at weight loss this Super Bowl Sunday:

1. Have a Game Plan and Stick with It: If you know you’re going to a food-filled Super Bowl party and are worried about your will power, eat something light before you leave go to take of the edge, such as some almonds and string cheese. Offer to bring a dish or two that will be a healthier option for you. And designate every other quarters of the game as “food free” to avoid mindless eating.

2. Focus on the Goal: You’ve worked so hard this first month at keeping to your New Year’s resolution that you don’t want Super Bowl Sunday to sideline your weight loss efforts. However, you can still enjoy some of your favorite football fare: a few chicken wings, some chips and dip, a slice of pizza and a cold one. To prevent yourself from overdoing the fat and calories, try this trick: pair each indulgent food with a vegetable or fruit; and follow each sugary or alcoholic drink, with a non-caloric drink. This will help fill you up and stay satisfied.

3. Power Up with Power Foods: These are your lean proteins, fruits, veggies, non-fat dairy, and whole grains.

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