One Dead, Another Presumed Dead in Building Collapse

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CLEVELAND— Mounds of metal and brick crashed down on two men as they demolished a vacant building behind Ideal Building Supply on Brookpark Road in Cleveland late Tuesday afternoon.

“All large beams, bricks. It was mostly a large beam type of building,” Cleveland Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Brent Collins said.

Firefighters and ambulances rushed to the scene to try to rescue the men.

“It appears they were cutting some beams and obviously something went wrong and the building fell in the direction they, obviously, they didn’t want it to fall into,” Collins said.

Relatives of the two men arrived at the scene, distraught, hoping they would be found alive.

“My stepson and step-nephew (are in) there — so we don’t know nothing,” Pedro Rosas said.

Then came the heartbreaking news.

The body of one of the men was found.

The other man was still missing as of 9 p.m. Tuesday and presumed dead.

“We’re treating this right now as a recovery. That’s what we’re doing right now. We are not having any of our firefighters go in there right now, it’s too dangerous,” Collins said.

As night fell, the ambulances left and lights and equipment were brought in as firefighters sifted through the rubble trying to find the missing man.

Relatives of the men say one was in his 50s, the other in his 60s.

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