Garfield Heights Shortens School Day

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio— Parents, staff and children in the Garfield Heights School District are getting a hard lesson in economics.

"I don't think it's good for the children," one parent said as she picked up her son from school.

As of Tuesday, programs like elementary music, art and physical education are gone and libraries are closed.

School days are shortened to just 5 1/2 hours -- leaving kids less time for instruction, and working parents scrambling.

"What are kids gonna do with that big window of time when their parents are still working and all that idle time that they still have, to do God knows what?" parent Jeff Bodziony said.

Hot school lunches are also thing of the past.

In fact, lunch is a thing of the past.

Students used to have lunch in the noon hour.

Instead they are now sent home at 1:15 p.m.

Kids who qualify for free lunches were sent home Tuesday with a bologna sandwich, an apple and a pickle.

One student told Fox 8's Emily Valdez her teacher brought in food for her students.

"It's almost sad. 'Here's your lunch, go home,'" parent Amy Sedlak said.

Parents Fox 8 News spoke with are not blaming the school district, but rather the voters who did not approve levies that would have given the school district money.

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