Fox 8 Google Plus: Start Sharing Today

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CLEVELAND, Ohio—With social media, sharing the stories you see and read on Fox 8 News and has never been easier.

But on many social networking websites you are sharing everything with everyone.

Your thoughts on the big game, might not be what you want to share online with your co-workers. And sometimes you only want to let a few people know about your favorite coffee spot, not the entire world.

And that's why Fox 8 News has started our Google Plus page. It allows viewers the option to share stories and information from Fox 8 News more like they share information in real life. It lets you share the news and stories you care about, with exactly who you want.

Here's how it works ...

After registering your Google account, you can begin creating circles, which can be organized how you like.

Search Fox 8 Cleveland and drop us in the circle that suits you best.

Fox 8 News will post stories, videos, photos and links to the page and you can decide who sees what information when you share.

Organize your circles by friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances, anything you like to make it easier to share what you want with them.

Plus, Fox 8 will be posting some information about the news and shows you love, exclusively on our Google Plus page.

And the Fox 8 Google Plus page gives you one click access to the Fox 8 News reports and features we add to YouTube every day.

All the information can be shared on your mobile device through the Google Plus App on Android , and the Google Plus App available in the App Store.

Add Fox 8 News to your circle today and start sharing.

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