Controversy Continues Over Speech by Katy Perry’s Dad

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WESTLAKE, Ohio— A firestorm of controversy has surrounded pop singer Katy Perry's father after a recent visit to northeast Ohio.

Rev. Keith Hudson spoke at the Church on the Rise in Westlake last week and prayed for people to have a great New Year full of peace and love.

But he also made some unsettling comments about Jewish people.

Rev. Hudson said, "I would like to see you so blessed you would make a Jew jealous."

The comments got a strong reaction from people across the country, and Rev. Hudson responded with a lengthy apology which read in part, "I am not going to offer any excuse, or tell you not to think what I did wasn't so terrible. I do insist, and G-d as my witness, that I am not an anti-Semite. If anything, my faith as a Christian reminds me, and always has reminded me of my special closeness to the Jewish people."

Pastor Paul Endrei from the Church on the Rise believes Rev. Hudson's apology was "sincere and heartfelt."

However, Wednesday, additional video came to light of Rev. Hudson at the church during the same trip.

In this video, he is seen doing a mock impression of a Chinese border guard in Singapore which some people also found offensive.

Pastor Endrei said the video needs to be seen in context.

Rev. Hudson was describing a trip to the country in a post 9/11 world while he was traveling with his book titled, "Smart Bomb."

The border guards became extremely nervous seeing the book but then realized it was a prayer book.

Pastor Endrei said Hudson was trying to be funny like a comedian doing an impression.

"It was something he shouldn't have done but I know he wasn't trying to offend anyone," said Pastor Endrei.

Regardless of intention, Pastor Endrei said it's not okay and Wednesday night at special prayer service 70 people gathered at Church on the Rise to pray for Israel, Jewish people and Katy Perry's family.

"Because we understand our Christian roots come from Judaism," said Pastor Endrei.