Akron Teens Confess to Stealing Weapons

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AKRON, Ohio— Two teenagers are charged with burglary after they confessed to a bold and brazen crime!

Late Monday morning, Bill Kirk left his home in Akron for a few hours.

When he returned, he noticed three handguns, ammunition and several knives were stolen from his bedroom.

"Looks like they were looking for guns. They left other things up there like jewelry or my laptop -- they could have grabbed real easily," said Kirk.

Police said the next day, the teens turned their attention to a nearby home on Auburndale Avenue.

According to investigators, during daytime hours, the suspects stole even more weapons, including a semi-automatic, a shotgun and a rifle.

A short time later, a neighbor called police after a boy and girl were spotted walking down Garman Avenue holding handguns in the middle of the day.

When police arrived, the teens took off running.

Investigators said the boy threw a gun underneath a bush just before he was taken into custody.

Police said all of the stolen items were recovered. The 14-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy were both taken to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

It's now up to a juvenile court judge to decide what type of punishment they will face.

"The fact they were kids really surprised me. Thankfully nobody got hurt and hopefully things will get taken care of," said Kirk.