Police: Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend in Face

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BEDFORD, Ohio— A Bedford woman was defending herself Wednesday morning when she shot her ex-boyfriend in the face after he broke into her house, authorities told Fox 8 News.

Investigators said the suspect showed up at the woman’s home on Grant Boulevard, and when she didn’t answer the front door, he allegedly went to the back door, broke a window and forced his way inside.

Police said the woman was at the top of her stairs, and told her ex to leave, but instead, he started up the stairs, and that’s when she shot him in the face.

On a 911 call obtained by Fox 8 News, the victim’s nephew is heard telling a dispatcher, “This dude just broke in … you know what I’m saying? We called you about him before, and he broke into the house, and my auntie shot him.”

Police said the intruder suffered a gunshot wound to right cheek, and was taken to the MetroHealth Medical Center, where he is listed in critical condition.

Family members told dispatchers that the man had a history of being abusive and they had contacted police in the past.

It is that kind of pattern that can lead to an escalation in violence, according to the head of Cleveland’s Domestic Violence Center.

“When you’ve done so many things right, and you’re in your own home, and you now have somebody breaking into your own home, that really does raise the level of violence for both the offender and the victim,” said Linda Johanek.

On the 911 call, the victim is heard expressing concern about putting the gun down, until she was convinced that police were close enough to make sure the intruder was no longer a threat.

“I think many times, women in a situation like this feel that they have no other choice but to defend themselves, and of course, we would say that to anybody in any situation, that you want to defend yourself to keep yourself safe, and your children safe,” said Johanek.

Charges against the suspect are pending.