Caught on Camera: Police Chase Ends in Crash

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SANDUSKY, Ohio—A police camera was rolling as a local teenager in a stolen a car led police on a high speed chase that ended in a crash.

Sandusky police spotted the vehicle on New Year's Eve thanks in large part to the owner's vanity plate.

The 16-year-old Lorain boy behind the wheel crashed into several parked cars before bailing out of the car and fleeing the scene.

Police Chief Jim Lang told Fox 8, "I'm going to say the driver was probably an inexperienced driver, he had no driver's license so he was just inexperienced. He hit the two cars, he was driving too fast."

After the crash, the teen jumped over a fence and was hiding in a nearby shed.

But a police dog named Justice picked up the suspect's scent and led officers to the shed.

Unfortunately, the stolen car was totaled and two cars parked on the street were also damaged.

The owner of the car, Katie Long, told Fox 8, "I was really upset because it's my first car that I ever owned and there was nothing wrong with it. I work so hard for my car and it's his to take."

The teen is now facing charges that include receiving stolen property, fleeing and eluding, no operator's license and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

"Very unfortunate that some of these kids just don't think ahead and they don't think what it's going to be like in the future," said Chief Lang, "and these things do follow them for a long time."

Katie Long added, "Hopefully he learned his lesson, hopefully he gets what he deserves but knowing, you know they usually get probation for three months and off the hook, hopefully they give him what he deserves."