Tweets Get High School Basketball Player Tossed from Team

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WARREN, Ohio— A high school basketball player, who was tossed from the team over his tweets, went to court--to get back on the court.

The player has missed four games this season after the Ohio High School Athletic Association suspended him for one year. Wednesday afternoon, a judge gave him a temporary reprieve.

"It's just very stressful," said 17-year-old Arthur Cook.

The Warren G. Harding High School basketball player may soon get his wish to return to the court. A Trumbull County judge ruled that he could return to the basketball court, at least for now.

"This is no indication that the plaintiff will win on the merits. It is only to preserve the status quo," said Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Wyatt McKay.

Cook and his parents filed a lawsuit after the Ohio High School Athletic Association ruled earlier this month that he was ineligible to play. Officials claim his father moved him from Euclid High School to Warren, mainly so the 6'6" Arthur could play for Harding--that would be against the association's rules. But his parents, who recently separated, say that's not true, and that Arthur's father moved in with family there.

"Basketball did not play a role. He moved because we're going through our own personal issues, and it is his desire to help his son transition to adulthood," said the teen's mother, Seanine Cook.

According to the lawsuit, the controversy was sparked by several tweets Arthur Cook sent from his Twitter account last summer.

One stated, "My dad just called me downstairs to tell me I'm going to either Shaker or Garfield." Another stated, "I'm taking my talents to Heights."

"Actually, they were horseplay because he didn't know. He didn't know where he was gonna go. It was all a joke between him and some of his other teammates," Seanine Cook said.

Cook's mother, who still lives in Euclid, says his father took him to Warren to focus on his grades, which she says have improved.

She says not allowing him to play would make it tough for her son to get a college scholarship.

"It would be unfortunate for him because he has played basketball since he was nine years of age, and so for him, to not be able to play his senior year, would obviously be damaging for him because while playing AAU, he did get some looks, and nobody wants to invest in somebody that you don't know what the product is," said Seanine Cook.

The injunction allowing Arthur Cook to play is temporary. Judge McKay will hold a hearing on January 13 to determine whether or not he is eligible.

Fox 8 News tried to reach OHSAA officials, but did not receive a response.