Lorain County Woman Accused of Harassing 911 Dispatchers

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio— An Eaton Township woman was arrested after Lorain County Sheriff's deputies said she repeatedly called 911 and used profanity to dispatchers.

Deputies said Marlene Thomas, 52, was drunk and upset Monday at a deputy who was sent to her home that morning over a family dispute.

"I'm not in a really good mood right now," Thomas said to the 911 dispatcher.

Operators told Thomas 911 is for emergencies only, and directed her to file a complaint in-person at the sheriff's department.

Below is part of one of the calls:

911: "You can walk in the building and tell them you want to file a complaint, and they will help you."

CALLER: "You're joking, right?"

911: "No ma'am."

Deputies said Thomas continued to call 911 and use profanity with the 911 operators.

At one point, Thomas calls the operator a smart a**.

A dispatcher sent deputies to Thomas' home; but when they arrived, deputies said she turned on them.

"They tried to explain to her, you know, she needs to cease and desist her behavior. At that point, she came at one of the deputies, pulled his tie off, ripped his tie off, started poking at the other deputy--they had no choice but to place her under arrest," said Cpt. James Drozdowski.

Court records show that, on Tuesday, Thomas pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct to 911 operators and resisting arrest.

"911 lines are for emergencies ... period," Drozdowski said.