Thieves Unwrap Gifts, Ransack Willoughby Homes

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio—Thieves targeted a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Willoughby!

Now, police are hoping these modern-day "grinches" were caught on camera.

Willoughby Police said the break-ins happened last Thursday on Edgewood Lane and Beacon Drive.

According to the report, the burglars ransacked both homes and unwrapped a number of Christmas gifts.

Before taking off, the suspects stole several laptop computers, gift cards and a possible handgun.

Fortunately, the homeowners were not there at the time.

"In the one home, apparently the burglars found the remote control in a parked car that was unlocked and that was how they made entry into the first home," said Willoughby Police Lt. Tom Trem.

Police said the suspects broke into the other home by removing a rear window screen.

"I know all the people who live here and all the cars. Even though not everybody's home all the time, generally we look out for each other," said neighbor Tom Daniels. "I'm totally floored. I've been here over 25 years, up until now, it's the first time I ever heard of anything like that."

Police said one of the homes that was burglarized has a surveillance system.

Investigators plan to review the video in the coming days.