Many Northeast Ohioans Welcome Snowfall

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CHESTERLAND— Many people in northeast Ohio dreamed of a White Christmas and they got it... just a little late.

A clipper moved through Tuesday afternoon, bringing a Winter Weather Advisory to the viewing area.

In parts of the snow belt, like Chesterland, Geauga County, it was a winter wonderland.

"I love Cleveland and I love snow. I had three opportunities to move to California and Arizona. I like it here," said Harriet Kimbrough, of Chesterland.

"I just love the way it looks! The roads look nice, the trees are beautiful," said Maryanne Hoon.

The snow made driving a bit tricky in Kirtland, Lake County.

"This is real wet and slick. So you have to drive slow. Turn slow. It's real wet and it sticks. It makes it harder for me to plow," said Tom Satterfield, of Kirtland.

But not everyone is complaining! "I don't care for snow personally, but it's good for the economy," Satterfield added.

To people in Geauga and Lake counties, it's all part of living in the snow belt.

"Hey, we are living in Chardon, Chesterland, you know. That's what happens up here!" exclaimed Mike Burns, of Chesterland.