Freedom Stolen Along with Handicap-Accessible Van

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A Rocky River couple is hoping they can regain their freedom after someone stole their handicap-accessible van.

The van was taken Christmas Eve while Lawrence and Linda Swartz were attending a service at Journey Community Church on Lorain Road in Fairview Park.

Both of them use motorized wheelchairs to get around.

Lawrence Swartz told Fox 8 that a little after 7:00 p.m., they parked the van at the Gemini Recreation Center, which is directly across the street from the church.

The Swartzs said when they came out of the service, the van was gone, along with the mechanical lift, some Christmas presents and a camera.

It is described as a grey 2001 Dodge Caravan with a wheelchair lift.

It also has the words “MC Mobility” on the side and around the license frames.

The words “Enter Van” are on the passenger side.

The Ohio license plate number is: ETU5012.

“I said to Linda, I says, ‘didn’t you park the van here?’ She says, ‘yea’… I said, look this stuff happens… this is America and they steal cars all the time, so we’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Swartz said.

Fairview Park police are looking at surveillance video from the rec center.

They said it shows a similar van moving around the parking lot around the time the Swartzs were attending the service.

Police said the video is not very clear, so right now they cannot say for sure, whether it is connected.