Toddler Treated After Allegedly Ingesting Ecstasy

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ERIE COUNTY, Ohio—Authorities in Erie County are investigating the events that led up to a toddler being admitted to Firelands Hospital in Sandusky on Wednesday. The child’s mother told authorities that the two-year old had chewed on an ecstasy pill.

Erie County Sheriff’s Capt. Paul Sigsworth tells Fox 8 News that deputies received a call from the child’s mother around 12:30 p.m. claiming the child was chewing on an ecstasy pill brought into her home by her sister.

Capt. Sigsworth says the pill was left in the laundry room of the home located in the Greenfield Village Mobile Home Park. The mother told police she was arguing with her sister about having the drugs brought into the home, and a short time later noticed a pill in the child’s mouth.

According to Capt. Sigsworth, the child showed no ill-effects from the pill while at the hospital and was treated and released. It is not known if the drugs entered the child’s system.

The pill has been sent to a BCI lab for chemical analysis, said Capt. Sigsworth, and results are expected in the coming weeks. Charges have yet to be filed against anyone connected to the incident.

If the pill tests positive for the chemicals that make up ecstasy, the child’s aunt could face child endangering and drug abuse charges.