High Note: Vinyl Records Making Comeback in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND—In the heart of downtown Cleveland, shiny, black disks of vinyl are being shaped by machines nearly 50 years old.

"I've always liked vinyl, played vinyl. I saw my daughters buying vinyl so I thought there's something going on here," said Vince Slusarz.

And that lightbulb inside Slusarz's head went off -- 'Gotta Groove Records' was born.

Two years ago, Slusarz did some research, found a bunch of equipment at an old plant in New Jersey and brought it all back to Cleveland.

And with a handful of raw vinyl, Slusarz pressed his first record and became one of only 20 plants in the United States that produces vinyl records.

Watch the video above to learn more about 'Gotta Groove Records' and what it's doing for Cleveland.