Dog Fighting Investigation: Pit Bulls Found in Home

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CLEVELAND— Scared and scarred, one-by-one, dogs were brought out of a home on E. 91st Street near St. Clair Ave. in Cleveland Thursday afternoon.

A total of 28 dogs were removed.

"We've seen dead puppies back there on the ground. A dead puppy, blood on his face," said neighbor Pierre Hines.

A rescuer said they found a dog fighting ring in the basement where 18 puppies were found.

Ten adult pit bulls were chained up in the backyard.

Several are recently nursing mothers.

Neighbors said they did not know there were so many dogs were at the home and never heard anything that would indicate dog fighting.

"I never heard nothing. All summer I was on the porch. I never heard nothing," neighbor Althea White said.

"You hear dogs barking back there some times late at night but that was it," neighbor John Moore, Jr., said.

But there is a brighter future for many of these dogs.

The Northeast Ohio SPCA no-kill shelter is taking the 18 puppies.

"They are pretty fair, timid, skinny. Fatten them up and place them up for adoption," Kelly Barnett of the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

The future of the larger pit bulls is unclear.

While they appear people friendly, they could be animal aggressive.

"They need work. Yeah, they do need work," Barnett said.

No arrests have been made.