Mailbox Madness: Police Search For Vandals on Destructive Spree

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio--Vandals tore through a local neighborhood, damaging or destroying mailboxes on at least a dozen streets.

"I came out to get the newspaper early Sunday morning and I saw that I had debris of a mailbox in my driveway, probably about 30 feet away from where it was," said affected homeowner Greg Harland.

Harland's home was the only one vandals targeted on Stratford Circle, but one of nearly two dozen affected in his Strongsville neighborhood.

"When I called the police and they came over, they said that they had a report of a few others and then as I was going out to do some shopping, I saw that there was some other evidence of at least two more that I saw in the neighborhood," Harland said.

According to police reports, someone went on a mailbox smashing spree both Friday and Saturday night.

"I saw a car, or a vehicle coming down kinda moving slow and it just kind of caught my attention, so I watched it," said neighbor Ron Koch, who lives across the street from the Harlands.

He was reading near an upstairs window in his home when he saw the vehicle pull up.

"It circled around the inside of the cul-de-sac, it stopped, facing out onto Stratford Circle, I heard the car doors open, a few guys came out, some laughing and talking...they ran up to that mailbox and they just ripped it off the pedestal, and they threw it about two thirds up the driveway," Koch said.

Another resident, Bill Spencer discovered his mailbox was damaged when he saw a police officer dragging it out of the street Sunday morning.

"I'm gonna fix it, I bought a new one, so it's gonna cost me about 40 dollars to fix it, so it doesn't make me happy...not much I can do about it I guess," Spencer said.

Greg Harland has already replaced his, but he's keeping the incident in perspective.

"Kids do dumb stuff, hopefully they'll get it out of their system...I'd rather it be something stupid like this than beating up on a person, you know...I'd rather lose a mailbox than that," Harland said.

In one instance, the vandals threw a mailbox and its post through the back of a car parked on Abigail Lane.

As of now, no arrests have been made in this case.

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