Cat Survives Wild Ride Under The Hood

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-There's a saying that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case it only cost him one of his nine lives.

He survived a 200 mile trip down the interstate, not riding inside the car, but under the hood.

"This is Eclipse and Eclipse rode 200 miles in the engine of a car holding on for dear life", said Veterinarian Linda Randall of Cloverleaf Animal Hospital in Lodi.

Last Sunday around 4:00 p.m., 41-year-old Wayne Polk left Xenia Ohio for Cleveland on business.

After driving for 3 hours, he stopped at a rest area on I-71 in Medina. It was then that he noticed a smell coming from under his hood.

"I was patrolling the northbound rest area on Interstate 71, and I approached a parking area, and there was a gentleman there with his hood open, and he had a cat stuck in the engine. The cat was pretty calm, seemed really scared, and he had burns on his right side", said Ohio State Patrol Trooper Aleksander Tot.

Once the cat was removed, Trooper tot called the Medina SPCA, who arrived within minutes.

"When I got there, the cat was a large cat, and I'm looking at this little small Eclipse that he was in and I just said how did you get in there", said Medina SPCA Rescue Tech Mike Bombaris.

"He's a good cat, and as you can see he's feeling pretty good, he has some major singeing of his coat, and he also has some burns. We're going to sedate him, and we're going to debride his wounds, in other words remove any dead tissue that is there. I just can't even imagine what that four hours must of been like for him", added Veterinarian Randall.

"Oh it's a very lucky cat, I think the cat got saved, that's for sure", added Bombaris

"Even the gentleman, it wasn't his cat, but he still had a feeling for it, so do we, so we were happy to rescue it", added Trooper Tot.

"As you can see, he is feeling pretty good, he's really friendly. He loves to play and I think he's going to be fine", said Randall.

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