Canton Family Survives Terrifying Home Invasion

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CANTON, Ohio—Joe Noel had taken his familiar place in front of his television, watching football Sunday night, when he says two men unexpectedly came through his front door.

Before he realized what was happening, Noel says one of the men was pointing a gun at his head.

"The guy comes straight through the door and pulled out a gun, and said, 'This ain't no joke, get down on the ground,' and asked me for my money," said Noel.

Noel, a bricklayer, says he and a couple who was visiting at the time, complied.

"I didn't know if I was going to come out of it. I didn't know if any of us was," Noel said.

His concern immediately turned to his wife, who was in the basement doing laundry at the time, and his daughter, Angela, who just went to bed upstairs.

"I already told him that there's nobody here because I didn't want him looking for anybody, because I didn't know if he was going to kill us, or what he was going to do," said Noel.

His wife came upstairs and was also forced on the ground.

From upstairs, Angela heard voices, and peeked around a corner from the top of the stairs to investigate.

"I seen my dad on the ground, and he had a gun to his head, and (the gunman) kept screaming, 'Who else is here? I know somebody else is here.' So at that point, I just flew up the steps and locked myself in the closet and called police."

"I just thought that I was going to lose my parents, both of them," Angela said, fighting back tears.

Downstairs, her father said he complied with every demand, but would have had to do something if they started to go after his daughter.

"I thought, if he takes ... tries to go up there, I've got to go after him because I'm not going to let him get to my daughter," Noel said.

Noel says the men seemed in a hurry as they grabbed his television and made their way out.

The family's neighbor, Chauncey Townes, was just getting home and saw a strange car parked in front of their building.

Townes says he asked the driver, who seemed to be trying to hide, to move his car.

"I walked up and heard her mom screaming and yelling and stuff, and as soon as I took a step up on the porch, that's when (one of the gunmen) came out and waived a gun, and he asked his partner if he wanted to shoot me. He was like, 'Should I shoot him?' and he was like, 'No, let him go. Let him go,' " Noel said.

Townes says he ran for his life even though he wanted to try and do something to help his neighbors.

"I turned around and started running, and that's when the guy was like, 'Where did he go? Shoot him! Where did he go? Where did he go?' " Townes told Fox 8 News.

The men left without firing a shot.

Noel says he isn't sure why they chose to break into his home while everyone was there. He suspects they may know someone who was invited to the house for a recent party, and knew what was there for them to steal.

Police have a good description of the men and their vehicle.

"I just hope they catch them," said Angela, "Because I don't want anything to happen like that to anybody else."

Anyone with information should call the Canton Police Department.