2 Students Disciplined in Bomb Threats

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PEPPER PIKE, Ohio— Officials with Orange Schools confirmed Thursday that two students believed to be involved in recent bomb threats sent to the high school, have been disciplined.

Communication Coordinator Lou DeVincentis told Fox 8 News that the decision was made after a thorough investigation by the school administration. Additionally, further details regarding the students’ punishment and involvement would not yet be revealed.

DeVincentis also noted that local FBI officials and the Pepper Pike Police Department were still investigating the threats.

The same information was echoed by Orange High School principal, Dr. Paul Lucas, on the district’s website:

“Although conducted in a collaborative manner, the school investigation and police investigation are independent of one another. The standards necessary for the imposition of school discipline is different than the standard that must be met by law enforcement and as such, law enforcement agencies are still in the process of completing their investigation. In no way does the conclusion of one investigation mean an end to the other.”

Starting on Nov. 6, threatening emails were sent to school and media officials that forced Orange High to shut down for three days. After that, classes resumed under tighter security, but the emails kept coming, many threatening to harm students and staff with biological agents.

With Thursday’s announcement, Dr. Lucas expressed confidence in law enforcement officials and said the students suspected to be involved in the threats would be “disciplined appropriately.”

*Click here to read entire statement from Dr. Paul Lucas.

The principal also recognized the efforts of his colleagues and the FBI, as well as thanking the community for enduring the “tense weeks” following the threats.

DeVincentis said the district had no plans to hold a public meeting over the latest developments in the investigation.

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