Man Says Cyber Date Lured Him to Robbery

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Looking for love in all the wrong places!

A Lorain County man logged online to land a date, but soon found himself in a terrifying situation.

The man, who asked not to be identified, said he recently signed up for an online dating website called ""

After finding a potential match with a woman who identified herself as "Jazmine," he began exchanging text messages with the woman.  A few days later, they agreed to meet for a date.

According to the police report, when the man pulled up into the driveway of a home in the 800 block of West 10th Street in Lorain on Wednesday night, a woman came outside and told him to walk around to the back of the house.

"She said her apartment was in the back of the house, so we were going back there, and there was two dudes standing on the corner. They came out with a gun in their hand, instantly put me on the ground, and put the gun at the back of my head, and took my money out of my pocket, and my wallet," the victim said. "I thought I was going to die."

Before he had time to react, the victim says he was lying facedown on the ground. According to the police report, the men went through the victim's pockets and stole his wallet, drivers license, social security card and $20 in cash. The victim said once the suspects took off he hopped in his car and headed home.

"I still feel the gun on the back of my head today. I really didn't sleep last night," the victim told Fox 8 News.
Police say the home involved in the robbery was vacant. The victim said the suspects were wearing all black clothing. Although the victim was not injured, he hopes this terrifying experience serves as a warning to anyone who goes looking for love online.

"It was a stupid move, and I tell people to be careful. People tell me I should have met in a public place."

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