X Factor Judges Receive Threats After Contestant’s Dismissal?

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(By Breeanna Hare, CNN)  Fans were not happy to see “X Factor” contestant Drew Ryniewicz go home last week, and they seem to be directing their ire at judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

For example, commenter Mary wrote in on the “X Factor” recap Friday, “The judges need to be fired, e[s]pecially the girls. The whole show is a joke. Drew should have stayed. Nicole is…a fake, Paula is a ditz. I am so sick of her and will never watch this show again until she and Nicole are gone. Simon is the best entertainment ever.”

It seems some are taking their dislike of the female half of “X Factor’s” judges panel much further – TMZ reports that Paula and Nicole received angry and violent threats via Twitter and Facebook, with at least one telling the two women to “go die.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox had no comment on the death threat reports.

Drew herself has said that she has no ill will toward Paula or Nicole.

“I don’t feel anger against them,” Drew said, according to THR. “I could see that it was hard for them to base [their decision] off the ‘save me’ song…But they both told me, ‘Don’t even worry about it, you’re coming right back. You’re going to be on this stage again next year for the finale.”

The teen singer admits that she thinks it was her final song that did her in – “My ‘save me’ performance sucked,” she said – but Drew is looking toward the future.

“Doing my last bit of press today. Shining on xfactor for the last time,” she tweeted Friday. “I can’t wait for what’s to come of me. I’m young, got time.”