Warm, Wet Weather Concerns Local Ski Resort

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The warm, wet weather is a huge concern at Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort where normally this time of year they are opening the slopes and welcoming skiers.

However, this season all they can do is watch the forecast and wait for mother nature to start cooperating.

General Manager Vinnie Lewis said for “ideal conditions” temperatures must be in the low 20s to high teens with the right humidity, but so far this month temps have been hanging in the 40s with heavy, intermittent rain.

“In all honesty, if we had the right conditions, we could have these hills open in about two days,” said Lewis.

The earliest opening day ever in the ski resort’s history was Nov. 22, 2002 when winter weather arrived early.

The latest start to the season was Jan. 5, 2006.

Lewis said no one wants a repeat of that season but they need the temperature to drop.

“That would be fantastic,” said Lewis. “Once we get that temperature at the 30 degree mark we’re gonna be making snow as fast and furiously as we can.”

Ninety-five snow guns are prepped and ready to go.

This year they also purchased two new grooming machines.

They said the public may not ever see the machines but they will drastically improve conditions on the hills.

This year they purchased new boots and equipment and are introducing a new recycling program and doubling the taps at the bar.

Also while they wait for the colder weather, Lewis said workers are getting the shops in line and pumping up the inner tubes for the tubing hills at Brandywine.

Lewis said the slopes may not be open but this is the time to start planning your ski season.

Discounted passes are only available until Dec. 15.