Sowell’s Imperial Avenue Home to be Demolished Tuesday

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Mayor Frank Jackson’s office tells Fox 8 News that the City of Cleveland has completed its asbestos abatement of the home at 12205 Imperial Avenue and the property will be demolished tomorrow.

The Imperial Avenue home was the residence of convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell. Sowell hid the bodies of 11 women in the home until they were discovered by police in the fall of 2009.

According to Andrea Taylor with Mayor Jackson’s office, the home will be demolished at 7:00 a.m.

Taylor says the city notified family members of the victims with hand delivered letters this morning that the house will be demolished.

In early September the home was served with a condemnation notice by the City of Cleveland.

The notice listed four responsible parties for the upkeep of the home, which had been foreclosed upon according to Prosecutor Bill Mason’s office.

One of the parties responsible is the estate of Segerna Sowell, the deceased stepmother of Anthony Sowell.

Consent to conduct an inspection of the property was given, and on August 30, 2011, according to Mayor Jackson’s office, an inspection staff from the Departments of Building and Housing and Health went to the property. Inspectors spanned the exterior and interior of the property at that time.

The property had a total of 22 violations, 10 interior and 12 exterior.

According to the Condemnation notice, the structure has been deemed, “A menace to public health, safety and welfare. It is unsanitary and declared an unsafe structure and a public nuisance.”

The Department of Building and Housing also said the home is infested with roaches, fleas, termites and rodents.

Neighbors in the area have been campaigning for the home’s demolition since Sowell was found guilty of the multiple murders.