Imperial Avenue Demolition Will Help Families Heal

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CLEVELAND, Ohio— The “House of Horrors” on Imperial Avenue is finally coming down.

The home of convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell will be demolished Tuesday morning.

Inez Fortson is one of the 11 victims’ family members, who was hand-delivered a note by the city, notifying them that the house was coming down.

It’s a house that haunts her daily.

“I think about my daughter, being tortured and tormented in there. She lost her life in that house, I’m glad it’s going to be torn down,” said Fortson.

The remains of her adoptive daughter, Telacia Fortson, were found at Sowell’s house back in 2009.

Two years later, the pain is still deep.

“The holidays are here, and she’s not here. Last year it wasn’t as bad because I hadn’t accepted the fact that she was gone, but now I know she’s gone,” added Fortson.

Now that the house will go, so will the police presence on Imperial Avenue.

According to the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s department, they took turns watching the house with the Cleveland Police Department.

“I still smell the smell, for real, I’ve been here for 18 plus,” said Cornell Curlee, of Imperial Avenue.

For the people who live along Imperial, the house is a stigma on the community.

Once it’s demolished, they too, can heal.

“Yeah, it makes it better. It makes publicity but it’s a good thing they put him behind bars,” added Curlee.

Sowell remains behind bars on death row.

“It’s good he’s alive. Let them all haunt him. I hope he suffers. Like he made them all suffer,” added Fortson.

The entire demolition is expected to take one day.